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The best thing about this job is that we are helping people find out more about the most important people to them – their family. We take every care to talk them through our findings as we get them and we are always amazed by their kind and generous response. Sometimes, what we relay can trigger an old memory which can have a significant influence on the direction of the research. Here are some of our testimonials, the things people have written to us after receiving their family history book to give you a flavour of the kind of surprises they get. 

I was always close to Grandma as a child and I never understood why I knew so little about her. Now I know why she was so secretive.

Thank you for persevering with us when our ancestral trail just stopped in 1853. Thanks to the tenacity of your researcher we learned that our name changed when our great great great grandmother remarried, which of course we knew nothing about. I think I prefer the old surname...

I’ve been a [Manchester] United supporter all my life. My dad was too. And now you tell us that we come from Yorkshire. How can I tell my pals that granddad probably supported Leeds?

Thank you for such a wonderfully presented family history book. My parents were thrilled with it.

To think that we used to have servants and owned a tea emporium. No more tea-bags for me!

Thank you for all the help you gave us in creating our family tree. We had no idea that our family had so many colourful characters. And you tell us there's a whole load more of us in Canada and America too.

Mum always used to rib dad that he was as common as muck and that she was the landed gentry. She couldn't have known just how right she was.

I bought this for my husband’s 40th. Since he got the book he’s been glued to it and now he’s planning weekends away to the “lands of his forefathers” and the "ancestral home". Thank you and well done.

You presented the findings to us at our annual family gathering. It made for a truly memorable occasion. Thank you.

We had the family tree framed and we put it above the fireplace. It’s such a talking point and I’m quite the envy of my friends.

Its a riveting read, and I can’t stop picking it up to go over it again and again. I wish they taught history like this when I was at school. The Enclosures Act and Corn Laws were hardly fascinating stuff for a young lad back then but they were so important to the fortunes of my family.

I had always thought that my daughter was the first one in our family to go to university. You told me otherwise. Her great grandfather would be so proud of her.

Thank you. It really made Christmas.

A special note of gratitude to your researcher. We looked forward to her calls. She was always so enthusiastic and resourceful in searching for our family history. She really did explore every avenue and I can thoroughly recommend her and your company to anyone wanting a family history done well.

We were surprised that the family history that we'd always known and taken for granted, was wrong. But we can't argue with the facts! Thank you for handling it so delicately. We can't tell you how it feels knowing how honourable he [great grandfather] was and how emotional we all felt reading his [true] story.

The whole project has been a wonderful experience for me over the last four or five months...its all I've talked about to my family and friends (and anyone else who would listen!)...I will miss the phone calls and emails with your leads and discoveries...

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