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Researching family history involves the retrieval of surviving records, which by their nature can be inaccurate. While we are confident in our research we are only as good as the records allow us to be. Sometimes records are missing or were destroyed or just weren’t kept. This clearly limits our ability to find your ancestor. Sometimes records are illegible, have spelling mistakes and variations, or were transcribed incorrectly recently or centuries ago. You are using our expertise to get around these issues but you understand that there are limits to finding records and getting the right ones and that we are making our best efforts to do so. We do provide you with the source of the records so that they can be revisited in the future.

You understand that genealogy isn’t an exact science and that we are dealing with degrees of probability, especially as we research further back in time. It is very much like detective work. This means that sometimes we may arrive at an ancestor by eliminating several other possibilities rather than finding a direct connection. Should this arise you will be consulted.

We do not check the information that you give us as a starting point (unless you ask us to). Should research be invalidated by incorrect information supplied by you then we will ask you to bear the cost of starting the research again.

Our research expertise covers the UK and Ireland only. Should an ancestor before 1900 be found to have come from another country we will try our best to discover which country they came from and to locate the source of any records that can help, but it may be that we won’t be able to continue our research further and would consider our job fulfilled.

Extra costs. The fees quoted are for our professional time and collation of the results into the hardbound book. If extra costs are necessary to proceed we will ask you for immediate payment for them. Other tailored services such as printing extra copies, researching more names or attending and presenting at a family event will incur extra costs. 

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