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Two Branch package

Just like the one name study we will trace your family back through the generations typically to the early/mid 1800s, and possibly to the late 1700s. But this time we trace two surnames; perhaps your father and your mother’s maiden name. Many people choose this option to discover more about a family they have heard rumours about but have no living relative to tell them more.

The Two Branch package contains:

  1. A hardbound book of your personalised family history, your ancestors, where they lived, what they did, and suggestions as to why they did what they did.
  2. Individually designed family trees.
  3. Transcriptions of relevant documents such as census returns, birth marriage and death indices and certificates, wills, military records, parish records, etc.
  4. Geographic derivation and meaning of the surnames researched.
  5. Information on the places that your family lived.
  6. Information on the occupations your ancestors had.
  7. A contextual history of the life and times of your ancestors.
  8. Full sourcing for traceability.
  9. Suggestions for further research.
  10. Scan and send any pictures you have, and we’ll incorporate them into the book.

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